The tools available to professional vehicle thieves include scanning devices which can locate a GPS tracker on a vehicle by detecting the GSM signal the device emits when it’s connected to the mobile network. Once the tracker has been located and ripped out, the vehicle can no longer be tracked … or can it?

For extra protection we recommend installing a second GPS tracker elsewhere on the vehicle. You may be asking yourself, won’t the thief just use the scanning device to locate the second tracker? The second GPS tracker we recommend to install is a rechargeable asset type tracker. The asset tracker has a deep sleep mode allowing the device to shut down the GPS and GSM modules and remain undetectable to scanning devices most of the time and only waking up once every few hours to update the GPS location. The asset tracker is a fully self contained device with no wires to connect, simply charge it up, switch it on and hide it in the vehicle so it can be easily self installed. Based on a GPS location update once every 24 hours, the asset tracker will last around 1.5 years on a full charge.

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