Self Hosted Solutions

Navixy Self Hosted  Server Software

You may purchase Navixy software for installation on your own private server or in a cloud environment such as Amazon Cloud Services

The Navixy server software is available in 2 editions.

Provider Edition – Includes the full admin panel to allow you to add unlimited customers and manage customers, devices and tarrif plans.

Enterprise Edition – For a single customer with a cut down version of the admin panel to only allow the management of users and devices within a single business.

Software  Licence Fee 

All prices are guidelines due to currency fluctuations. A formal quotation will be proivided on request.

Rates shown are for lifetime licence per device (one time payment only)

(initial minimum purchase licence for 100 devices but further purchases can be made in multiples of 20)

Licence Pricing

Tier 1    1 – 100 devices – £25

Tier 2    101 – 300 devices – £21.50

Tier 3    301 – 500 devices – £18

Tier 4    501 – 1000 devices – £14.50

Tier 4    10001 – 2000 devices – £13

Tier 5     2001 – 3000 devices – £11

Tier 6    3001+ devices – £9


Provider Edition‘ server software – Add £1450

Monthly Licence Fee –  Premium GIS 

A charge of 75 pence multiplied by the number of devices your licence covers every month.

Includes Google Maps premium mapping services with enhanced geo-coding, routing, live traffic and streetview 

If you wish to add SMS functionality to your platform you will need to sign up for a third party SMS service such as Twilio. Any charges for SMS messages are payable by you directly to the SMS service provider. (it is possible to not require an SMS service if you use our pre-configured devices or you configure your own devices manually.  Also note that we recommend the use of ‘Push notification’ to the app instead of SMS simply because there is no charge for ‘Push notifications’.)

Software maintenance after the 1st Year (optional)

Updates for 1 Year  – 5% of total licence fees paid
Updates & Support for 1 Year  – 10% of total licence fees paid
Advanced support per hour £18

Terms and conditions

Server Software – Tiered one-time pricing. The price per unit is defined within a range; it decreases once each quantity within a tier has been achieved. Licensee can ramp units up as needs change. The pricing is fixed for a set time range and may change later, then actual pricing will be applied.

GIS Package – The billing cycle for the subscription is one month. The number of units for GIS package is exactly the same as in the appropriate software license.

Mobile apps – Free. The use of X-GPS mobile apps suite is free of charge.

Software maintenance

During the first year after the on-premise software is deployed, standard technical support services are included. Advanced technical support that requires remote connection by Navixy technical specialists to the Serever and / or IoT devices is provided free of charge within the 30-day period after the software has been deployed.

Regular support. Technical support services are provided in English by email or by phone and include: consultations for dedicated technical support specialists on matter of the software usage and maintenance. Advanced technical support with the need of remote connection by Navixy technical specialists to the Server and / or IoT devices will be charged at an extra cost.

Updates. For yearly subscription, 2 updates are included in the service package anytime during a term. More updates are available at an extra cost of £360 each. Remote software update will be performed by Navixy technical specialists (or respective consultations will be provided) at no additional cost. Deliverable software packages are compiled at least once every two months and synced with the major feature releases. Software updates subscription is backdated to the expiration date of previous upgrade subscription term, regardless of the actual date of upgrade subscription renewal.

Applicable Licence Value. The pricing for software maintenance subscriptions is based on Applicable License Value (ALV) – calculated according to the actual pricing with the same amount of units.

Licence and Service terms

Server software. The licence term for the Server software starts upon its deployment and is not limited in time.

GIS package. The licence term starts upon the deployment of the Server software and is set for 1 month. It shall be automatically renewed each new month unless either party gives the other party written notice of non-renewal at least 45 days prior to the end of a then-current term.

Mobile apps. The license term for X-GPS mobile apps suite starts upon the deployment of the Server software and is set for 1 month. It shall be automatically renewed each new month unless either party gives the other party written notice of non-renewal at least 45 days prior to the end of a then-current term.

Product lifecycle. Licensor will provide a minimum of 12 months’ prior notification before ending support and updates for products.

All prices exclude VAT.

Shipping charge      Standard service £4.95    |   Express Delivery £8.95

Bank transfer or Credit cards accepted.

Orders over £100 will be sent Express delivery.

Order processing 24 hours

Dealers, Installers & Resellers

We provide flexible GPS Tracking services and solutions tailored to meet the requirements of installers, dealers and resellers. You only need to take the services which you require.

  • Source your own hardware and M2M SIM Cards or purchase from us.
  • Manage service subscriptions yourself or use our direct debit collection service
  • Just use our white label GPS software if that’s all you need from us!

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