Remote tacho download refers to the process of remotely downloading digital tachograph data from commercial vehicles. This technology provides several benefits to fleet managers and drivers.

Firstly, remote tacho download allows for more efficient and timely data collection. With the ability to access data in real-time, managers can monitor driver performance, ensure compliance with driving regulations, and identify any potential issues that may arise. This information can then be used to make informed decisions, reduce downtime, and increase overall productivity.

With the digital system, data is securely stored and easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Additionally, remote tacho download promotes transparency and accountability, as drivers are aware that their driving data is being monitored and recorded.

Overall, remote tacho download is a valuable tool for improving fleet management and enhancing safety on the roads.

We use the Teltonika FMB641 GPS tracking device as this unit will allow the remote downloading of  tachograph files at the same time as providiing GPS tracking data.

To make life simpler when installing the device, we can also supply an enhanced ‘plug and play’ cable harness which allows the installer to install the device by simply placing the enhanced harness in line with the cables plugged into the back of the tacho head unit. No wires need to be cut, the installation time is reduced to less than 15 minutes and the device and cable can be easily removed by unplugging the harness and device if the hardware needs to be taken out or transferred to another vehicle.

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