Tasks app lets users manage their mobile workforce according to tasks assigned to them.

Each task is a directive to visit some place at particular date and time, and perform some actions over there or simply make a delivery. Tasks can be assigned to employees. The system checks what tasks have been completed, failed or completed with delay, how much time an employee spent completing a particular task, etc.

Managers and dispatchers can efficiently schedule tasks, reassign them to another employees/vehicles in case of unexpected situations, retrieve reports to see how the job was done, measure staff productivity, calculate costs and many more.

Assigned tasks can be viewed in multiple ways:

  • Interactively listed in table
  • Located on map
  • Scheduled on timeline
  • Sorted by team members
  • Overviewed in productivity chart

User can select the date and time range to view the tasks which were completed, planned for the future or currently in progress. Tasks can be also sorted by status, employee, place or any custom tag.

Creating a single or repeated task is really easy, you just need to double click on map or timeline.

As a business oriented app, Tasks can be flexibly configured for different workflows in many industries.

Dealers, Installers & Resellers

We provide flexible GPS Tracking services and solutions tailored to meet the requirements of installers, dealers and resellers. You only need to take the services which you require.

  • Source your own hardware and M2M SIM Cards or purchase from us.
  • Manage service subscriptions yourself or use our direct debit collection service
  • Just use our white label GPS software if that’s all you need from us!

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