Alerts, SMS, Email and Push Notifications

Set up event alerts so you stay informed at all times the moment any event happens. For example, receive alerts when a vehicle enters or exits a stored location, when speeding over a specified limit, when the ignition is switched on or off etc.

Alerts can be sent to email accounts, SMS to mobile phones and ‘Push Notification’ to the app.

Our short video explains how to set up an alert.

Dealers, Installers & Resellers

We provide flexible GPS Tracking services and solutions tailored to meet the requirements of installers, dealers and resellers. You only need to take the services which you require.

  • Source your own hardware and M2M SIM Cards or purchase from us.
  • Manage service subscriptions yourself or use our direct debit collection service
  • Just use our white label GPS software if that’s all you need from us!

Demo Login

Take a test drive and login to our demo account to see how it all works.

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