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Manage all your clients and their devices. Add unlimited users and devices.

Set up tarrifs and assign them to clients. Add devices directly to client accounts or move them between accounts.

Easily access any client account and manage all permissions, functions and features for that client.


Track assets in real-time using our web based tracking platform accessible  through any internet connected device such as computer, tablet or smartphone. 

View multiple devices in the mapping window or zoom and follow a single device


Manage your mobile workforce according to tasks assigned to them.

Each task is a directive to visit a location at a particular date and time, and perform a task or simply make a delivery. Tasks can be assigned to employees. The system checks which tasks have been completed, failed or completed with a delay, how much time an employee spent completing a particular task, etc.

Managers and dispatchers can efficiently schedule tasks, reassign them to other employees/vehicles in case of unexpected situations, retrieve reports to see how jobs were done, measure staff productivity, calculate costs and more.


A comprehensive suite of reports is available to help you manage your fleet by increasing productivity, helping create/confirm time sheets, identifying poor driver behaviour and speeding etc.

Setup scheduled reports by email and download for archiving in popular formats.


Keep track of your devices on the move. APPs are available for download for IOS and Android phones.


Set up event alerts so you stay informed at all times the moment any event happens. For example, receive alerts when a vehicle enters or exits a stored location, when speeding over a specified limit, when the ignition is switched on or off etc.

Alerts can be sent to email accounts, SMS to mobile phones and ‘Push Notification’ to the app.


Monitor driver behaviour including harsh accelerating and braking. Identify poor driver behaviour & create league tables for all your drivers.

Many GPS tracking devices collect data relating to driving styles, this includes harsh acceleration, braking and cornering. Using the device settings tab you can set the device to record each event and use the recorded data to score drivers and produce reports and view a league table ranking your drivers in order of  highest to lowest score.

 The more penalty points a driver gets, the lower the ranking will be. The ranking depends on the severity, duration and frequency of violations (the number of violations for particular distance).


Keep track of all the important events and dates for every vehicle. 

  • Service
  • MOT
  • Insurance
  • Road Tax

Simply enter the vehicle details and set the reminder. This can be based on time interval or mileage. Set reminder options from ‘Push to app’, SMS or email.


Points of interest can be added to the map individually or as a batch using the file upload option.


The remote tacho download solution is a relatively new method in order to download digital tachograph files. This solution consists of a telematics unit which is permanently connected to the tachograph in the vehicle. This device is able to transfer data directly from the tachograph to our online platform, where all data is collected and stored. This solution is very efficient, reliable and requires little time. The data can be downloaded anytime, anywhere.


You can easily keep track of personal and business mileage to ensure compliance with relevant tax laws. Expense claims and payments can be made using the totals calculated by the software.

There are a couple of methods to label a trip ‘Personal’ or ‘Business’.  The driver can log in to the platform and manually mark each trip as ‘Private’ or Business’ from a drop down menu or just drag and drop the trip into the box marked ‘Private’ or ‘Business’. Once done the fleet manager can instantly see the relevant totals.


In some fleets, a vehicle may be driven by multiple drivers and keeping tabs on who is driving the vehicle at any given time can be difficult.

With Driver ID you can see instantly who is driving the vehicle and every driver change is recorded to allow you to see who was driving the vehicle at any time in the past.

We can supply a vehicle tracking device which supports remote immobilisation and driver ID so you can use the device to prevent a driver using a vehicle if he has a none registered ID tag.


Geo Fence areas provide a simple method to ‘ring-fence’ a location. Once rein fenced, events can be recorded if a device enters or leaves the geo fence area. Alerts can be sent to notify of the event so you can be informed instantly when the event occurs.

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