The Teltonika range of GPS trackers support Feasycom Bluetooth Beacons which are ideal for use as Driver ID tags.

The beacons connect over bluetooth so no additional reader is required. Simply configure the beacon UUID code as required and ensure the Teltonika device ‘Authorised beacon list’ is updated. We’ll run through an example below.

Step 1. Check the Teltonika GPS tracker Data protocol is set to Codec8 Extended. Query the device parameters by sending the SMS command getparam 113 and the device should return the value Param ID:113 Value:1

Step 2. Download the FeasyBeacon APP


Press the button on the Beacon to switch it on.

Open the app and click on the ‘Settings’ icon at the bottom of the screen. You should now see the beacon details on screen.

Click on the beacon label and enter the password (default password is 000000) and click ok.

Locate the UUID number under iBeacon 1 and edit it to a unique 32 digit number of your choice. Now click the ‘Save’ link.

Step 3. Add your beacon to the ‘Authorised Beacons’ list on your Teltonika device by sending the command

setparam 1600:32_digit_uuid_number

To add more beacons, use the same command but increment the parameter number by one, for example …

setparam 1601
setparam 1602
setparam 1603

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