Adding new devices to the software platform is easy. Simply enter some basic details about the device and click the ‘Activate’ button. Our system will instantly send an SMS message to the device with configuration settings!

Once the device is connected to our server, use the device control panel to change device settings.

Our GPS Tracking software supports over 1000 different devices including many of the best known manufacturers. If the device you would like to use is not yet supported then let us know and we will add it!

Any device purchased from us will be placed in your device list and already be configured to work instantly as soon as it is powered up.

The most popular devices are readily available to purchase directly from stock, see below

Concox OB22

Simply plug the device into the OBD port on the vehicle. No installation required!

Detects ignition status.

Features internal battery backup.

Box contents:

  • OB22 device

Concox AT1 Asset Tracker


Fully integrated battery powered GPS Tracker suitable for caravans, trailors or any other asset you wish to track.

Rechargaeable device lasts upto 1.5 years on a single charge in ‘interval mode’

Features internal battery backup.

Box contents:

  • AT1 device
  • USB Charging cable

Teltonika FMB204 GPS Tracker

Teltonika FMB204 is a SPECIAL waterproof (IP67) tracker with Bluetooth connectivity, internal high gain GNSS and GSM antennas and integrated high capacity backup battery.

Device is designed to work longer without power supply. FMB204 with LiPo battery can work up to 6 days in power saving mode.

FMB204 is perfectly suitable for agriculture, delivery, refrigerated transport, trailers tracking, security & emergency services and even more. 6-30V power supply makes FMB204 suitable for motorbikes and water transport.

Teltonika FMB920 GPS Tracker

The Teltonika FMB920 is one of the most popular devices from the range.

Features Bluetooth, Internal battery, harsh driving monitor, crash alert, tow alert etc.

Box contents:

  • FMB920 device
  • Power cable

WTL01 3 Wire GPS Tracker

Budget 3 wire GPS Tracker

  • Power 12/24 volt
  • Chassis negative
  • Ignition input

Features internal battery backup.

Box contents:

  • WTL01 device
  • Power cable

Teltonika FMB140 GPS Tracker

FMB140 is an ADVANCED GSM/GNSS/Bluetooth tracker with integrated CAN data processor. It is compact 2 in 1 solution: GPS tracker and CAN adapter inside! Device allows to read CAN data from a wide range of various vehicles, including light & electric vehicles, trucks, buses and special machinery.

Depending on exact software version FMB140 can be used in advanced applications as heavy logistics, delivery services, utility transport. Two options available to fulfill any business demands:


  1. LV-CAN200 option – default software version with LV-CAN200 parameters, including fuel level, consumption, odometer, CAN speed, pedal position, Supported vehicle types: light vehicles, trucks, buses.
  • ALL-CAN300 option* – **advanced** software version allows to read more parameters than default version. Available **additional parameters** include AdBlue level, engine lifetime, airbag. Supported vehicle types: light vehicles, trucks, buses + electric vehicles, agriculture, construction, forest, utility & special machineries.

Teltonika FMT100 GPS Tracker

The Teltonika FMT100 is easy to install. Just connect the 2 wires to the 2 terminals of the vehicle battery.

Features Bluetooth, Internal battery, harsh driving monitor, crash alert, tow alert, accelerometer, gyroscope etc.

Box contents:

  • FMT100 device
  • Sticky Fixing Pad

Teltonika FMB003 OBD GPS Tracker

CAN DATA Supported

The Teltonika FMB003 simply plugs into the OBD port on your vehicle so no installation is required.

Easily transfer between vehicles. Features Bluetooth, Internal battery, harsh driving monitor etc.

Box contents:

  • FMB003 device

Teltonika FMC640 GPS Tracker

The Teltonika FMC640 is a top end professional tracking device with a wide range of features.

Commonly used in commercial vehicles to connect to CANBUS and FMS.

Remote download of Tachograph data feature also available.

Box contents:

  • FMC640 device
  • Power cable

Tacho to FMB640 Quick Fit Harness – £16 

Price excludes VAT

Harness assembly to allow the connection of a Teltonika FMB640 GPS Tracker to a digital tachograph unit without cutting any wires. Pure plug ‘n’ play

This harness can also be used when installing a Digi Dl  or similar unit but will require the black molex plug to be cut off and the wires from the harness connecting directly to the other unit.


EU Multi Network M2M Data SIM Card 

Optional M2M SIM card can be pre-installed into each device. 

All of our GPS tracking devices will need to send data to our software platform and this is all done over the mobile networks.

Our SIM cards will connect automatically to the network providing the strongest signal so as the device is moving around the connection will be constant and transition between networks seamless.

Our GPS tracking devices will normally consume around 10 – 15 MB of data per month.

Dealers, Installers & Resellers

We provide flexible GPS Tracking services and solutions tailored to meet the requirements of installers, dealers and resellers. You only need to take the services which you require.

  • Source your own hardware and M2M SIM Cards or purchase from us.
  • Manage service subscriptions yourself or use our direct debit collection service
  • Just use our white label GPS software if that’s all you need from us!

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